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Today we have 10 oral health facts that will change the way you think about your oral health. Think about these dental facts the next time you’re wanting to skip brushing and flossing.

  1. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. Dentists preach about cavities, but gum disease claims more teeth than anything. The disease can quickly infect the gums and then spread throughout the mouth. If left untreated, the disease will damaged the gums and bone, causing the tooth to fail.
  2. Enamel is the hardest substance in the body. There are four layers to the tooth, but the enamel is the outer layer that you see. Enamel is the strongest substance in your body — even stronger than bone — but it can erode due to plaque or bacteria. And once it’s gone, it doesn’t come back. You’ll need restorative dental options.
  3. 35 percent of the tooth is beneath the gum line. Brushing cleans most of the tooth, but you can’t brush beneath the gum line. To clean beneath the gum line, you’ll need to floss. If you’re not flossing, you’re not cleaning all of the tooth.
  4. Dental plaque can form in just eight hours. Plaque is a sticky substance that attacks the health of your mouth. It forms quickly in the mouth, which is why we dentists recommend that you brush twice a day.
  5. Dry mouth can increase risk of cavities. If you struggle from dry mouth, you have more to worry about than being uncomfortable. You increase your risk of dental diseases like decay or gum disease. Many seniors take medication that causes dry mouth, so it’s important to treat this issue if you’re struggling with dry mouth.
  6. Gum disease increases risk of overall health problems. Whenever you’re struggling with gum disease, you might be at risk of heart disease or diabetes. While there is no cause-and-effect link, studies show that people with gum disease have an increased risk of these medical problems.  
  7. Tooth decay is the No. 1 chronic disease in children. While parents worry about things like the common cold, it’s actually tooth decay that is the issue the affects more kids than anything.
  8. Nearly half of all children will have cavities in primary teeth. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, about 42 percent of kids between the ages 2 and 11 will have cavities in their baby teeth.
  9. Kids lose 51 million hours of class instruction because of dental emergencies. If you’re not taking your children to the dentist regularly, you risk dental emergencies. That means you might have to take time off of work and take your child out of school to resolve the issues.
  10. Sleep apnea is a life-threatening problem. Patients often assume that sleep apnea is just snoring, but it’s far more serious. Sleep apnea occurs when you experience pausing in breathing, and people with sleep apnea often gasp for air while they sleep. Sleep apnea increase your risk of heart disease and stroke (people with sleep apnea often experience high blood pressure), and it’s possible to die from sleep apnea complications.

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