Because the holidays are a popular time for couples to get engaged, spring and summer tend to be popular seasons for save-the-date photo sessions, as well as weddings.

There’s so much pressure on the modern bride to plan a Pinterest-worthy wedding these days as if financing a wedding wasn’t stressful enough.

Our team at Dr. James C. Ross sympathizes with every bride on a budget! That’s why we’re giving you some cosmetic dentistry ideas that won’t break the bank but will deliver big results for a picture-perfect smile in time for your special event!

#1 – Whiten Your Teeth

Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day, and along with the dress, the hair, and the makeup, you can enhance your smile quickly, easily, and affordably with our teeth whitening treatment.

Our system can whiten your teeth in a single appointment up to 16 shades, giving you a sparkling smile that looks amazing in real-time and in all those photos and videos.

#2 – Cover Up Small Flaws

While you can always opt for a smile transformation with dental veneers, you may not have room in your wedding budget for this kind of treatment.

But you can still hide minor teeth flaws with a smaller price tag!

Tooth bonding is similar to veneers in that it covers up gaps, misshapen, and discolored teeth. With a composite resin that is matched to the natural color of your teeth, we pour over those surface imperfections, shape it to craft a fresh new smile, and polish it for the ultimate shine!

#3 – Contour Uneven Teeth

If you have teeth with jagged, uneven edges, you can smooth them out quickly with a painless contouring procedure. To make your smile look even and sophisticated with this simple, budget-friendly treatment, you’ll look great and feel confident on your big day!

We have so many more cosmetic dentistry options in Novi, MI to choose from so any bride can have a smile that looks radiant and reflects how happy she feels on the inside for the most important day of her life!

And this is the perfect time to get started! Call Dr. James C. Ross today at 248-697-2487 or contact us online to schedule an appointment in Novi, MI.