You already know that you should visit the general dentist for routine care, such as dental cleanings and exams. You also know we can help with cosmetic care and restorative treatments.

But there are some other reasons you should visit us, too.

Get Better Sleep

Sleep apnea interferes with breathing when millions of people fall asleep. If you are one of them, you could get relief and wake up feeling refreshed with our sleep apnea treatment. An oral appliance could open your airways so you can get the rest you need and snore less.

Zap Canker Sores

No one likes having a canker sore. They can be irritating and painful. Fortunately, we can use a laser and a topical anesthetic to painlessly kill the virus, so you can heal.

Combat Cold Sores

Our dental laser is a powerful tool. It also can be used to treat blisters and cold sores without pain. This procedure also can speed up the healing process compared to other treatment options.

What are you waiting for? Find your reason to call Dr. James C. Ross today at 248-697-2487 or contact us online to schedule an appointment in Novi, MI.