With the summer coming, it’s easy to get off track with your oral health. Between vacations and cool summer treats, there is a lot that can impact your teeth and gums this time of year. Since June is Oral Health Month, we’re recognizing this day by discussing a few easy ways to boost your oral health. 

  1. Brush up on your oral care routine.

Most people know the importance of brushing and flossing every day. However, how would you rate your tooth brushing and flossing techniques? If you’d give yourself a lower grade than you care to admit, it’s never too late to improve your skills. A few quick tips: 

  • Brush for at least two minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums.
  • Place your tooth bristles at a 45-degree angle towards your gumline.
  • Use a rolling motion touching the inside, outside, and tops of your teeth.
  • Guide floss between your teeth and gently wrap around the tooth.
  • Slide the floss up and down to get all particles between your teeth
  • Use a new section of floss for each tooth
  1. Replace your toothbrush.

You should be getting a new toothbrush every three to four months. If you notice broken or matted down bristles, you should replace it sooner. Make sure you choose a soft bristle toothbrush to avoid damaging your tooth enamel. 

  1. Use fluoride toothpaste.

Make sure you use fluoride toothpaste to help prevent tooth decay. Most kinds of toothpaste contain this ingredient, but pay close attention to make sure it’s listed. Also, look for the ADA seal of approval as well. 

  1. Brush at the right time.

So you have the right equipment and the right technique, but timing is important too. First, make sure you floss before you brush your teeth. When you floss, brushing afterward helps get rid of those particles you removed. You actually get rid of plaque better that way. 

Also, brushing when you first wake up in the morning will help wash away the bacteria in your mouth accumulated while you slept. Avoid brushing your teeth right after any acidic foods or beverages, otherwise, you risk damaging your teeth. 

  1. Visit us for regular checkups.

In order to keep bacteria and cavities at bay, visit us twice a year for regular cleanings and exams. We’ll thoroughly clean your teeth and gums and examine your mouth for any signs of problems. It’s important to get ahead of issues when they are small to prevent them from becoming bigger concerns.

In addition, if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your teeth and gums between appointments, schedule a visit with us as soon as possible. It’s best not to ignore a problem as it can lead to more extensive issues.

Call Dr. James C. Ross today at 248-697-2487 to schedule an appointment in Novi, MI. We can recommend more personalized tips to boost your oral health during your visit!