Summer is nearly here. The arrival of the hottest season of the year is a good motivation to get back in shape. While you are at it, why not improve your smile, too.

If you have teeth that are not as straight as you would like, Invisalign® and ClearCorrect are both great options. You can try either of them at our dentist office in Novi, MI.

Both of these services are an alternative to traditional orthodontics. Neither uses brackets or wires, but they can produce results that are as good as braces in many cases.

To find out if either could work for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. James C. Ross. Call 248-697-2487 or contact us online.

‘Invisible’ Options For Straight Teeth

While neither Invisalign nor ClearCorrect uses brackets or wires, that hasn’t stopped these treatments from receiving the nickname “invisible braces.”

With these services, you wear a set of clear, plastic aligners instead. Because they are transparent, you can wear them without drawing attention to the fact that you are going through orthodontic care.

We’ve learned from helping so many patients with these services that being discreet was a big advantage for many of them.

These kinds of aligners were originally developed with adults in mind. Many adults would like to straighten their teeth. Some did not receive orthodontic care when they were younger. Others did wear braces, but they are now experiencing relapse, which is when teeth start moving back toward their original positions.

While they may want to change their smiles, many did nothing because they didn’t want to wear braces for years.

With Invisalign or ClearCorrect, you can feel comfortable wearing your aligners in professional and social situations. Few, if any, people will notice that you are wearing anything over your teeth.

What Can Aligners Do?

In general, aligners are a good option for patients with mild or moderate alignment issues. That said, many patients fall into these categories, and clear aligners have been proven to fix a number of alignment problems, such as:
✓ Crooked teeth

✓ Gaps between teeth

✓ Crowded teeth

✓ Open bites

✓ Crossbites

✓ Underbites

✓ Overbites

Like braces, clear aligners can do many things to give you a better smile.

Other Benefits Of Clear Aligners

Dr. Ross will be happy to discuss the differences between Invisalign and ClearCorrect with you during your consultation. For now, we want to focus on some of the benefits they both offer when compared to traditional braces.

You don’t have to wear them all the time.

Ask someone with braces if they would like to be able to take them off for a couple hours each day. We are pretty confident that most, if not all, would say yes.

Well, with Invisalign and ClearCorrect, you can do just that. You still need to wear them most of the time, but knowing you can take them off for up to a couple hours daily makes your treatment easier to handle.

You can eat anything you want.

One of the common complaints about braces is that you are supposed to avoid certain foods. Foods that are hard and crunchy can get stuck or cause brackets to come loose. This includes a variety of nuts, chips, pretzels, and popcorn (because of the risk of unpopped kernels).

Chewy and sticky foods can create problems as well. They can pull on your wires, or they can lead to problems when you try to clean them out from between your wires and your teeth.

With clear aligners, you simply remove your aligner while you are eating. Then, you clean your teeth and your aligner after your meal before putting it back in your mouth.

You don’t need adjustments.

Anyone with braces can tell you how painful it is in the days after their braces are adjusted. That’s just part of the process. Every few weeks, braces need to be tightened to keep your teeth moving in the right directions.

With clear aligners, you will change your aligner every couple weeks. It’s as simple as taking one out and putting the new one in. You may feel some pressure during each change, but it’s minimal compared to what people go through with braces.

Are Clear Aligners Right For Your Smile?

To find out, let Dr. Ross examine your teeth and talk to you about your goals for your smile. If clear aligners are right for you, he can help you decide whether Invisalign or ClearCorrect is the better choice for you.

Again, contacting us online or call 248-697-2487 to make your appointment.