You will find that family dental care is something we take seriously at our Novi, MI office, which is why we have a children’s dentistry program designed to keep all the members of your household smiling big through every stage of life. Along those lines, today, we have a few tips for you on how to best approach your child’s dental care from the beginning. Check them out and then give us a call at 248-697-2487 to request your next easy appointment with our team.

Start Brushing Before You See Teeth

There are toothbrushes designed just for infants. Why would a child without teeth need such a thing? Because it’s super-important to have a toothbrush for your child to rub on their gums early in their life. This cleans the mouth, allowing the teeth to erupt in a healthy way, and gets the child used to having someone clean their mouth. As more teeth come in, you’ll want to brush your child’s teeth twice a day. Another thing to consider is that there is already dangerous bacteria on the loose with or without the presence of baby teeth.

Brush Longer

The ADA wants you to brush your teeth twice a day for about two minutes per session. We know that it’s often hard to stay focused long enough to brush for the full two minutes. So, anything you can do to keep it going longer for your kids will be helpful: creating a special song, making up a game, downloading an app (some good ones are out there).

Visit The Dentist Often

It should come as no surprise that patients who regularly visit the dentist (i.e. every 3-6 months) will enjoy healthier gums and teeth throughout life. This is because we do much more than just polish the teeth at these check up appointments. We can also provide instructions for proper home hygiene and have modern treatments available that will reduce the risk of future cavities. 

At your child’s earliest visits, we will basically just monitor the tooth and jaw bone development. Later, we’ll be doing light cleanings and polishings. When your child gets a little older, we can start providing additional treatments.

Explore Deeper Measures

A great family dentist will be able to set you up with deeper measures like fluoride and dental sealants. Fluoride is a safe and natural substance found to reduce the risk of cavities and actually repair the enamel (the outer layer) of a tooth. You’ll see fluoride as an ingredient in a lot of toothpastes now. It is also added to public tap water systems in many parts of the country. Our office can administer additional, more intensive fluoride treatments during your child’s regular cleanings and exams. 

Dental sealants are used to cover the biting surface of the teeth. As you would expect, the sealant physically blocks out the harmful bacteria and plaque. These are great for patients of any age or background.

Call For A Fun Appointment

We hope you have been inspired to get started ASAP. All you have to do is call Dr. James C Ross in Novi, MI today at 248-697-2487 or contact us online to request a children’s dentistry appointment.