Is it fair to say Dr. James Ross is a gadget guy? He definitely is at work! Our Novi, MI dentist office is filled with new dental technology.

You might be impressed when you see the 80-inch monitors in our care rooms, along with some of our other high-tech tools. But they’re not just for show. Dr. Ross uses the latest dental technology to provide the highest quality of care for you and your family.

You’ll see our technology-driven approach even in our waiting room, because you’ll enjoy the option of using an iPad to enter your patient information. Read on for information about some of the other dental advancements we use for your care.

Remember, despite our use of technology, good old-fashioned customer service is central to our practice. We value our personal relationships with our patients, and we’re always happy to see you! Call 248-697-2487 if you need to make an appointment.

DIAGNOdent to Find Cavities

Cavities are easiest to treat in their earliest stages when decay can be halted with a simple filling. Larger cavities will require a dental crown. And if decay gets into the center of the tooth and becomes infected, a root canal will be needed. To find cavities even before they can seen by the naked eye, Dr. Ross uses DIAGNOdent.

The handheld tool looks a little like a pen and allows him to examine you with less poking and prodding. It uses laser fluorescence to detect signs of cavities during your dental exams.

VELscope for Oral Cancer Screening

An oral cancer screening is also an important part of your exams. The five-year survival rate for oral cancer that has not spread is 83 percent, a number that drops to 62 percent if the disease spreads to lymph nodes and 38 percent if it spreads elsewhere in the body. So early detection is key.

Dr. Ross uses a handheld tool called VELscope during your exam. Abnormalities in tissues that could indicate cancer glow when exposed to the tool’s blue light. Dr. Ross will examine any areas that react this way. When appropriate, he’ll advise you to see a physician for a biopsy.

Intraoral Cameras to Share Images of Your Mouth

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to dental diagnosis, that is true! The handheld intraoral camera enables Dr. Ross to get a good look at hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. Even more important, he can share images with you. You’ll be able to see what is going on in your mouth too and better understand your treatment options.

Digital X-rays to Make X-rays Easier, More Comfortable

Digital X-rays give us a clearer view of your mouth than traditional film X-rays. The difference between is like comparing high-definition TV to an old black-and-white analog television. It’s also more comfortable for you because we don’t have to put film (with sharp edges!) into your mouth. The whole process is faster and easier, as we don’t have to wait for film to develop.

We can store digital images on a PC and easily share them with other health care providers or insurance companies when necessary. And finally, digital X-rays use far less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Digital Smile Software to Preview Your New Look

Wouldn’t it be great if you could preview what your new smile would like before spending time and money on cosmetic dental treatments? You can with our digital smile software. Dr. Ross uses it to design porcelain veneers for your smile.

He takes videos that help him see things like where your lips fall on your teeth when you talk or smile. He then uses the software to create an image showing how veneers will change your look. The last step is showing you a 3D smile simulation of how you’ll look with veneers.

Biolase Erbium Laser for More Comfortable Treatments

This tool uses a combination of water and laser energy to make many procedures more comfortable, including removing small amounts of decay from teeth. Unlike a drill, there is no vibration or loud noise.

In addition to removing decay, we can use it to treat gum disease or for cosmetic gum reshaping. It makes procedures so much quicker and more comfortable that many patients decide to skip local anesthesia!

Computerized Delivery Device for Comfortable Anesthesia

We know getting local anesthesia is something that many folks don’t like about the dentist. So we use a device that takes the sting out of the process. A computer controls the slow injection of anesthesia. And because the device looks a lot like a pen, you won’t need to see the needle.

Virtual Vision Glasses to Entertain You While We Work

Virtual vision glasses are a patient favorite among the technology in our office. Wearing the glasses and headphones, you can immerse yourself in entertainment on DirecTV while we work. It’s especially great for young or anxious patients. Dr. Ross got the idea to use the glasses thanks to his own children’s focus on a favorite program when it was time to eat dinner!

To experience new dental technology in our Novi, MI dentist office, call us at 248-697-2487.