Are you frustrated by dentures that just can’t seem to stay in place? Are you constantly fussing with messy adhesives to try to add a little more stability to your dentures? Why not say goodbye to slippery dentures once and for all with dental implants and implant-supported dentures?

At Dr. James C. Ross Family, Cosmetic, & Laser Dentistry in Novi, MI, we regularly see patients who like the way they dentures look but are tired of the work it takes to keep them in their mouth.

Dentures Won’t Stay In Place?

Are you having trouble getting your dentures to stay in place? If you’ve had at least one embarrassing experience caused by slippery, ill-fitting dentures, it’s time to find out what could be causing them to move out of place.

Perhaps the most common reason dentures move or fall out is a poor fit. If for whatever reason your dentures don’t fit properly, it can cause them to become loose and result in even more problems like irritation and sores.

Another possible reason your dentures aren’t staying in place is a lack of suction. Your dentures must create a good seal against your gums to maintain suction.

Loose-fitting dentures could also be the result of bone loss. If your dentures used to fit right but don’t seem to anymore, it could be the result of bone loss. After you lose teeth, the bone that used to support those teeth can shrink. This frequently happens within the first month of a patient getting dentures after tooth loss.

What Is An Implant-Supported Denture?

An implant-supported denture is a type of denture supported by dental implants that it attaches to. The dental implants work to hold the denture in place. A regular denture sits on your gums and isn’t supported by implants.

If you don’t have any teeth in your jaw but still have enough bone to support dental implants, an implant-supported denture is equipped with special attachments that connect to attachments on the implants.

We typically use implant-supported dentures for the lower jaw because that’s where our patients tend to have the most issues in terms of denture instability. In a lot of cases, a traditional denture made for an upper jaw is pretty stable on its own, but if you’re in need of support for your dentures for the upper jaw as well we’d be happy to help!

Implant-supported dentures are a great option for the upper and lower jaw if you’re tired of dealing with the hassle of messy adhesives.

Caring For Implant-Supported Dentures

As with a traditional denture, an implant-supported denture should be removed daily for proper cleaning. It’s important to thoroughly clean the denture and your gums to prevent the buildup of bacteria that could lead to gum disease.

You should avoid sleeping with your implant-supported dentures at night. Storing an implant-supported denture when it’s not in your mouth is the same as with a traditional denture. If you’re unsure about the process, be sure to mention it during your visit to our Novi, MI dentist office.

If you prefer dental work that cannot be removed, talk to us about fixed crown and bridgework and whether it’s a good option for you.

The more effort you put into caring for your dentures, the longer they will last. Be sure to follow proper care instructions and you shouldn’t have an issue!

Find Out More About Implant-Supported Dentures Today

When it comes to restoring your smile after tooth loss, dentures are a great option. But for several reasons, it may seem like your dentures don’t want to stay put. It’s time to say goodbye to slippery dentures and hello to a smile restoration solution you can count on to stay put.

To learn more about implant-supported dentures and how dental implants can transform your denture experience, call Dr. James C. Ross Family, Cosmetic, & Laser Dentistry in Novi, MI at 248-697-2487. You can also fill out our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!