5 Things That Can Hurt Your Smile

No one wants to spend hours in the dental chair enduring restorative procedures — even if you’re coming to see Dr. Ross and his elite Novi Michigan dental staff. For some us, restorative dentistry is the only way to make our smiles look great and be healthy again. Or you might have dental injuries that need to be addressed immediately. But ...

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One Of Our Happy Patients Talks About Invisalign [VIDEO]

Nancy had seen her children go through braces, the multiple appointments, and the discomfort they often felt from the brackets and wires. That’s why she and Dr. Ross decided that for her smile, Invisalign was a far better option. Hear Nancy explain her reasons for trusting our team at Dr. James C. Ross with her straight, healthy ...

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Are You Getting The Best Technology At The Dentist? [QUIZ]

If you’ve been seeing a general dentist who has provided you with the same type of care for years, you may not be getting the best modern dental technology has to offer. At Dr. James C. Ross in Novi, MI, we use the latest, most cutting-edge dental lasers and other resources so our patients receive more comfortable, accurate, and stress-free ...

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Don’t Let Your Snoring Ruin Your Family Vacation

Snoring heavy throughout the night is dangerous to your health and can disrupt everyone else in your house. This being the time of year for vacation, it would be a shame to let your snoring or sleep apnea derail your family vacation. You and your family can get a more restful night’s sleep whenever you come to our office for sleep apnea ...

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Let Us Help Treat Your Dental Pain & Discomfort [VIDEO]

Dental pain and discomfort is a wake up call signaling a problem with your oral health. Avoid letting the underlying dental problem get worse, and reach out to Dr. James C. Ross in Novi, MI! Here’s Dr. Ross talking about we approach your pain and other symptoms when you come to us for help. Let us give you the treatment you need to ...

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Two Ways to Brighten Your Smile This Summer

The summer months are a great time to have a wonderful, bright smile. Whiter teeth will make you feel better about your smile and even help you thrive in social situations. Dr. Ross and his team offer a series of cosmetic dental services in Novi MIchigan dental office. There are two ways in which we can whiten your smile at our office. We have ...

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A Simple Device to Improve Your Sleep [VIDEO]

Snoring, or gasping for air. These two problems can make it difficult to get a good night’s rest, and they are difficult on your sleep partner. But our Novi Michigan dental office has a solution for your sleep apnea or snoring issues. Dr. Ross and his office are using state-of-the-art technology to treat patients with sleep apnea. Take it ...

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Better Smile Means Better First Impression [VIDEO]

Your smile is part of your overall personality and presentation. It’s the first thing people notice whenever they meet you, and our Novi Michigan dental office wants to help you make the best first impression with professional cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Ross and his staff have a number of ways to make your smile pop again. Many of our adult ...

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How to Keep Your Teeth in Your Mouth

Keeping our teeth — or finding great replacement teeth — is a huge part of having a healthy mouth. Our Novi Michigan dental office has a number of ways to give you a healthy and better-looking smile. We are trained in the latest aspects of dental hygiene, restorative dentistry, and even replacement tooth options.   You want to keep your ...

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3 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Summer is an active time for you and your children. There are camps and sporting activities and more time spent playing in the sun. Our Novi Michigan dental office has multiple ways to help your children maintain their natural, beautiful smile. Dr. Ross and our staff can treat patients of all ages. Most of or our staff have children of their ...

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