We’ll Help You Smile Again With Root Canal Therapy

While root canal treatment has been given a bad reputation by movies and TV shows, modern root canals are quite comfortable. With the proper equipment and a skilled dentist, you won’t experience any more discomfort than you would if you were getting a tooth filled.

You will benefit from a root canal if the soft inner part of the tooth becomes infected. This part is known as the pulp chamber and can become extremely painful if infection from an untreated cavity or a crack in the tooth reaches this area. Rather than extracting the diseased tooth, we can perform a root canal to restore your oral health and keep your natural tooth in place.

For your root canal procedure, your dentist will:

  • Numb the area we’re working on so you don’t feel anything
  • Remove the infected tissue inside the pulp chamber
  • Sanitize and fill the root canals with a rubber-like material to prevent reinfection
  • Reseal the tooth

Covering the repaired tooth with a crown is the best way to complete your root canal treatment. It will protect your tooth and help you avoid further problems.

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