Eat & Speak Comfortably Again With Laser Therapy

Mouth ulcers can be quite painful, especially if you get more than one at a time. They can make it difficult to eat the foods you normally enjoy and can cause pain when talking. Severe ulcers can even make it hard to relax because your mouth is in such intense pain.

The good news in all this is that there is now a quick way to treat aphthous ulcers and cold sores. Using gentle laser therapy, your doctor can eliminate these lesions and help you feel like yourself again. Here’s how the process will work:

  • The laser uses a focused beam of light to treat the canker sore – we don’t even have to touch the laser device to the ulcer.
  • In a matter of seconds, the laser will do its work, and you will feel better immediately.
  • In most cases, the sore will be gone within 24 hours.

How’s that for fast, effective treatment when you need it most? As with most treatments, the sooner you can treat the ulcer, the quicker and better your results will be. So, don’t delay getting help. Laser canker sore treatment may lengthen the time in between breakouts, and once an area is treated, you may not develop another canker sore in that spot.

If you have canker sores in Novi, call us today at 248-697-2487 for an appointment. Our treatment takes only minutes, and you’ll feel better fast.