The 3 Secret Weapons Of Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG]

Are you bummed about the current condition of your teeth, gums, or facial structure? This summer, Dr. Ross can help you turn things around with your overall smile through any number of safe and effective cosmetic dentistry options. To that end, today, we want to show you 3 of these related treatments with which our office can give you a smile ...

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Preventive Dentistry Can Save Your Smile [BLOG]

Summer can be a season of big fun, but it can also be a dangerous time for your smile. If you are already experiencing problems, restorative solutions from our Novi, MI dental office are always a great option. Still, it is our hope that you can prevent the need for restorative work by following a healthy at-home hygiene routine and protecting your ...

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Clear Aligners Could Work For You Too! [VIDEO]

If you are tired of having crooked or crowded teeth, Dr. Ross can evaluate your smile this summer to see if Invisalign is a viable option for you. In today’s video clip, you’ll hear from Nancy, one of our many satisfied orthodontic patients, who had seen her own children get treated with traditional braces and knew that the hassle of multiple ...

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Your Toothbrush Is A Preventive Dentistry Tool [VIDEO]

Regular teeth cleanings and preventive dentistry exams are essential to your continued well-being. As such, you should be coming to see us for this kind of care roughly every 3-6 months. Still, the things you accomplish at home in between those checkups is important too. So, be sure to check out the video clip below from the American Dental ...

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The One Thing You Need To Treat Sleep Apnea [BLOG]

At Dr. James C. Ross, Family, Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry, we know full well that snoring through the night, on account of sleep apnea, is dangerous to your health and disruptive to your household. As such, it is certainly not a sustainable situation, and you’ll want to find a solution to this problem sooner rather than later. Fortunately, we ...

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Pleasant Ways To Address A Dental Emergency [VIDEO]

Dental emergencies are important, and we realize how they can adversely impact a person's life, if not handled the right way. That’s why we always make time to take care of you, whenever possible. Check out today’s video clip featuring Dr. Ross to hear him share our philosophy on emergency situations, from toothaches to tooth loss, then call ...

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Amazing Facts About Dental Crowns [BLOG]

At Dr. James C. Ross, Family, Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry, we can provide you with the sort of comprehensive dental care that will keep you smiling through every stage of life. Even if things should ever go awry for you, we can get your oral health back on track fast through offerings like the always-versatile dental crowns. Keep reading to ...

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The Place For Restorative Dentistry [VIDEO]

A lot can go wrong with a smile over the course of a lifetime. That’s why our leader, Dr. Ross, has dedicated himself to lifelong learning in the field of restorative dentistry. Check out the video clip below to hear him talk about the options available to you in this realm. You’ll see that we can help you work through just about everything ...

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The Secret To Smile Makeover Success [BLOG]

Is your smile in a sad state for socializing this summer? Well, in Novi, MI there is always time to turn things around with a smile makeover treatment from a leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. James C. Ross. Keep reading to see what we might be able to do for you right now and then be sure to follow up with our team to request your consultation. To put ...

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Does Dental Insurance Cover That? [VIDEO]

Did you realize that two rounds of professional teeth cleanings and preventive dentistry exams are probably included as part of your dental insurance coverage, at no additional cost to you? However, there is a catch. These benefits typically expire at the end of each calendar year without rolling over. As such, you’ll want to make sure you ...

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