The holiday season is a time for celebration, relaxation, and spending quality moments with loved ones. It’s also a time for indulging in delicious feasts and staying up late for those unforgettable gatherings. 

But through all the festivities and joy, it’s important to be mindful of your health. One health issue that often goes overlooked during the holidays is obstructive sleep apnea, and your Novi dentist, Dr. Ross knows all too well the impact this already dangerous condition can have on your life without seasonal activities making it worse. 

Let us fill you in on how this time of year affects sufferers of sleep apnea and what we can do to help you enjoy more restful, silent nights.

Sleep Problems Can Steal Your Comfort & Joy

The holiday season is supposed to be filled with comfort and joy, but it can disrupt your sleep patterns and making an existing condition like obstructive sleep apnea worse. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Your Routine is Different 

Parties, travel, and family events can disrupt your usual sleep routine. Irregular sleep patterns can exacerbate the sleep apnea symptoms you’re already struggling with like daytime fatigue, loud snoring, moodiness, poor concentration, and more.

You’re Indulging in Holiday Food & Festive Drinks

Who doesn’t love all the delicious holiday feasts? And don’t forget about the spirits – not the holiday kind, but the festive alcoholic drinks. These changes in your urual diet can lead to weight gain and throat muscle relaxation, potentially worsening sleep apnea symptoms like loud snoring and difficulty breathing throughout the night.

There’s the Stressful Hustle & Bustle

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean this season is without stress, which already contributes to disruptions in restful sleep. You’re already sacrificing sleep because of your disorder, but adding the inability to fall asleep at night because you’re mentally pouring over your holiday to-do list of errands and activities doesn’t help.

You’re Already Fatigued from Holiday Travel

This is the busiest season for traveling, which means it’s likely that either you and your family are driving or flying to visit relatives or you’re the one hosting out-of-town guests. Traveling long distances during the holidays can cause jet lag and disrupted sleep schedules, both creating trouble for your sleep apnea.

If hosting guests from out-of-town, you might be sharing a room with family or friends, making you feel a bit more self-conscious about your snoring, leading to further sleep disturbances.

All of This Can Affect Your Oral Health, Too

Everything we’ve discussed so far can all add up to trouble for your oral health, too. For one thing, sleep apnea sufferers tend to grind their teeth during the night, as well. This wears down teeth and can also lead to tiny tooth fractures. 

The change in your routine, diet, and accommodations can also put your teeth and gums at risk for seasonal neglect, decay, and cavities.

Enjoy Restful Sleep in 2024

The holidays are a time for happiness, love, and celebration. Don’t let obstructive sleep apnea steal your joy during this special season. 

If you suspect you or a loved one may be struggling with obstructive sleep apnea, make it a priority to seek help from a dentist who knows what it feels like to suffer from this condition and how to provide effective, comfortable treatment. 

Our customized solutions don’t require use of a noisy CPAP machine yet will still lead to better sleep, improved health, and a more enjoyable holiday season. This year, make a resolution to prioritize your well-being and embrace the festivities with energy, vigor, and a well-rested smile!

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