If you have young children, you’ll want to take them to a kid-friendly practice like Dr. James C. Ross. We’re proud to be a seven-time winner of the Metro Parent magazine’s Mom’s Choice Award! We recommend bringing your child in for regular appointments, beginning at age 2 or so. Between appointments, of course, you’ll want to encourage kids to brush teeth to keep their smiles healthy. 

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In the meantime, check out five of our favorite ways to promote tooth brushing:

  • Make Bacteria the Bad Guy – If there’s one thing most kids like to do, it’s fight villains. Bacteria certainly acts like a villain in their mouths, causing decay and other problems. Tell your child a story that features them as the hero, defeating bacteria with good brushing habits. Since bacteria is sneaky and likes to hide, they’ll need to brush every tooth.
  • Let Kids Pick Their Own Supplies – Most stores are stocked with toothbrushes and toothpastes that have real kid appeal. Let them choose the flavors and colors they like best. Just make sure their brush has soft bristles, is easy for them to hold, and has a head small enough to comfortably fit their mouth.  
  • Brush to Their Favorite Song – Borrow a preschool teachers’ trick. They know that playing music is a good way to get children to perform tasks. Let your child select some of their favorite songs to play while they brush. Just make sure they are at least two minutes long, since that’s the recommended minimum amount of time for a brushing session. 
  • Reward Good Brushing – Another smart trick that many teachers use is creating a chart to keep track of their brushing accomplishments. Reward them with a fun sticker or gold star every time they brush for at least two minutes. Set a goal such as 20 successful brushing sessions, and let them pick a favorite activity or treat to celebrate. 
  • Play the Mirror Game – Many kids like to emulate their parents’ behavior – at least until the adolescent years. Get face-to-face with your child and brush together, using proper brushing techniques. To make it more fun, add funny faces. 

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