That gap between your remaining teeth it’s going to go away. You aren’t going to regrow a new tooth. That’s just not something people can do.

However, you can replace your missing tooth — and prevent some other problems — by getting an implant-supported dental crown in Novi, MI.

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What Could Go Wrong?

You may think that losing a single tooth can’t be that bad, right? Unfortunately, many people do … and they ending paying for it further down the road.

When you lose teeth, you lose the root of that tooth as well. This is important because your root provides stimulation to your jawbone. That stimulation encourages new bone growth that prevents your jaw from shrinking over time.

A person who has lost a single tooth can lose up to 25 percent of the bone mass in that part of their mouth within 12 months. This increases your risk of losing more teeth, which compounds the problem.

Losing a tooth also opens the door to drifting. This is when teeth begin to move because of the additional space in your jaw. This can affect both the appearance of your smile and how well you are able to bite and chew.

Avoid More Trouble By Dealing With Your Missing Tooth Today

To prevent the problems mentioned above, you need to fill the space between your teeth. Getting a dental implant and a crown is the best option for doing just that.

Modern implants were introduced in the 1960s. While there have been innovations to make them better and more widely available, the basic idea is the same. Implants replace the roots of missing teeth.

As such, they duplicate the stimulation that your roots once provided to your jawbone. By getting an implant, you can stop the bone loss that can occur after you’ve lost a tooth and even with some other tooth replacement options.

The implant also provides a base of support for your dental crown. This creates a direct connection from your jawbone to your crown, which allows your replacement tooth to feel and function like a real one.

In fact, you could say that an implant-supported crown is the closest thing you can get to growing a new tooth.

Keep Smiling For Many Years To Come

You could choose to live without a tooth, but that’s likely to turn into multiple missing teeth over time. Instead, makes plans to visit Dr. Ross in Novi to get your implant-supported dental crown, so you can keep smiling for a long, long time.

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