If you love nature, is there a better time to take pictures than the fall?

Sure, spring is great when everything is blooming and green. But fall is just so much more colorful with leaves that are orange and red and yellow.

Ah, yellow — great for photos of trees, but bad for pictures of smiles.

Fair or not, it’s normal for our teeth to get yellower and darker as we get older. On the other hand, we can take some inspiration from the trees and change the color of our teeth.

You can have a white smile again by visiting our dentist office in Novi, MI. Professional teeth whitening can remove the deep stains that have developed on your smile. Or dental veneers can give you another way to bring back your pearly whites.

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Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening

You can tell from the name of our practice — Dr. James Ross, Family, Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry — that cosmetic care is an important part of what we do.

Some people may be under the impression that cosmetic dentistry is only for people who are vain. Based on our years of experience, however, many people have a different motivation for improving their smiles.

We’ve met several patients who were so embarrassed by their teeth that they didn’t smile in pictures or in person. Some even felt the need to hide their mouth behind their hands when they spoke.

Feeling that way about your own smile is not good for you or for the people you deal with every day, including your family and your co-workers.

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest things that you can do to make your smile look better. And as we’ve seen more times than we can count, that can make someone feel more comfortable being himself or herself, too.

Professional Teeth Whitening Removes Deep Stains

You may be wondering if you really need professional whitening to remove the stains on your teeth. After all, you can walk into the toothpaste aisle of practically any retail store and find dozens of “whitening” products for your teeth.

We will be honest. Some of them can remove some of the stains on your teeth.

Whitening toothpaste can remove surface stains, but it doesn’t contain bleaching agents. As a result, that toothpaste isn’t going to get the stains that have formed after decades of morning coffees, soft drinks at lunch, and glasses of wine with dinner. And we haven’t mentioned all the food you ate to those stains, too.

What about whitening gels and strips? These do contain bleaching agents. In fact, they contain the same bleaching agents that we have in our professional teeth whitening products.

The difference is the concentration of those ingredients, and that makes a big difference in how effective those products can be.

Think of it this way. Your garden hose and a pressure washer both spray water. You could use either one to clean your driveway, but one of them is going to work a lot faster than the other.

The gels and strips from the store are like the garden hose. Our KöR professional whitening is like the pressure washer, removing the deep stains much more efficiently.

KöR developed a tri-barrel package to prevent the active ingredients from interacting until they are placed on your teeth. KöR also keeps its products refrigerated to prevent them from losing potency until they are ready to be used.

This is why KöR can whiten your teeth by up to 16 shades in a short amount of time.

Teeth Whitening With Dental Veneers

There are times stain removal may not be effective. You may have sensitive teeth, or you may have fillings or crowns that would stand out since whitening won’t work the same on them as it does on teeth.

In those cases, you can still bring back your bright, white smile with dental veneers. Instead of removing the stains, veneers can be bonded to the front of otherwise healthy teeth to make your smile look as white as you would like.

Plus, veneers are more stain resistant than teeth. With proper care, you can maintain your new white smile even longer with veneers.

Give Yourself A Reason To Smile More

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