You may be a young adult, just starting a new career …

You may be an adult who has put off doing something for yourself until your kids moved out …

You may be the parent of a teenager who is on the verge of starting orthodontic care …

No matter who you are, if you want a straight smile, then you should talk to us about Invisalign® and ClearCorrect. These “clear braces” may be a better way to make the changes that you want to see in your smile.

At the office of Dr. James C. Ross, Family, Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry, we have seen over and over again what these transparent aligners can do to change smiles and our patients’ self-confidence.

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Orthodontics For Adults

When clear aligners were first developed, adults were seen as the target audience. Many adults want straighter teeth … but a lot of them are not willing to endure wearing braces for years to make that happen.

Some young adults worry that wearing braces could make them look even younger to their older co-workers. They also worry about braces affecting how they are seen in a professional setting by clients and customers.

Older adults may feel uncomfortable wearing braces — both physically and psychologically. As a result, they may avoid making a change that could be better for their oral health. They also may not get the emotional lift that would come with having a straight smile.

Invisalign and ClearCorrect can help you get the results you want — straight teeth — without the emotional baggage of wearing braces as an adult. With these systems, you will receive a series of clear, plastic aligners to wear.

These aligners are practically invisible when placed over your teeth. These can help you feel more relaxed while wearing them at work, in social situations, and in personal settings.

Each aligner pushes your teeth a little bit more. Each time you change aligners, you will know you are that much closer to having the straight smile that you’ve dreamed of seeing in the mirror.

Dr. Ross has used Invisalign and ClearCorrect to improve the smiles of many patients. What could he do for you?

Clear Aligners Can Work For Teens, Too

For many families, getting braces as a teenager is practically a rite of passage. Besides, no one is surprised to see a teen wearing brackets and wires.

Even so, aligners do offer advantages for teens.

First, aligners are removable. They can be taken out during meals, which means your daughter or son won’t have to give up her or his favorite foods because of orthodontic care.

Second, the aligners are comfortable. Yes, your son or daughter will feel a little pressure for a few days when he or she changes aligners, but this isn’t as noticeable as the pressure that comes with wearing braces.

Clear aligners are more comfortable in another way as well. The smooth plastic doesn’t have any brackets with edges, which can feel scratchy against the soft tissues of your son or daughter’s mouth. The aligners can be more comfortable to wear during everyday activities, like playing brass instruments in the marching band.

Third, the aligners are less noticeable than braces. Yes, we know this was a point we made when discussing the benefits for adults. But some teens are more self-conscious than others, and this could be a reason to consider aligners for your teen, too.

Take The First Step Toward A New Smile

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