If you’re like many people, you may be expecting to travel at some point during the upcoming spring season. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a big family vacation, getting a new dental crown in Novi, MI now might be the key to a more enjoyable trip!

That’s because you could have an old filling that’s starting to fail or a bit of sensitivity and discomfort when you chew your food. Maybe you even discovered at your last dental exam that a weak or damaged tooth needed to be restored soon, but you haven’t made that appointment just yet.

The truth is that putting off restorative treatment could spell trouble later, especially if a tooth finally breaks or falls out while you’re traveling and away from your home dentist.

You’ll be glad you took care of it before your trip! 

And as you’ll hear from Jim in today’s video, getting a new dental crown couldn’t be simpler or more comfortable with Dr. Ross and our team. We’ll go to great lengths to ensure great restorative and cosmetic results so you look and feel great during your spring vacation!

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