Dental patients in Novi Michigan can find great dentistry on a budget whenever they visit our office. Dr. Ross and his team focuses on every aspect of dentistry, from preventive care to cosmetic dentistry. Our goal is to provide you the care you need while also meeting your smile goals.

We have elite services for you and your family. You can start by calling us today at 248-697-2487 to book a visit. Today we want to show you how you can receive great dentistry on a budget. This means using everything from dental insurance to even promotions and payment plans.

Use Dental Insurance Before It Expires

Most dental insurance providers give cardholders an annual allotment of dollars to use toward dentistry. The average allotment is between $1,000 and $1,500 every year. Dental insurance is a great resource for many patients. It allows people to receive free or discounted cleanings and discounts on some services, but there are a few things you need to know about dental insurance. Here are some big concerns you need to know about dental insurance:

  • Insurance dollars expire —  Though you’ll pay high premiums for your dental insurance every month, any dollars you do not spend by Dec. 31 will expire. This money doesn’t roll over to the next year. It goes back to your dental insurance provider.
  • Insurance might not cover everything — Insurance can make treatment affordable, but it usually only covers a portion of treatment. Every provider is different, but sometimes patients have to cover as much as 50 percent of the treatment, even for a filling. In addition, it’s possible that your insurance will not cover certain procedures like orthodontics or dental implants. Both of these treatments will improve your smile and oral health, but there is no guarantee that your insurance company will cover these treatments.

The problem here is that patients often let the insurance companies dictate their treatment. So, instead of getting the best care, they are only getting the care their insurance allows.

Get Affordable Dental Care Without Insurance  

About two-thirds of all Americans have dental insurance. If you’re not one of those, don’t rule yourself for treatment. Dr. Ross has payment options and promotions you can use to get the care you need. We want you to focus on the procedure and the advantages of getting a better smile, instead of worrying about coverage or the cost.

We offer two forms of financing, Care Credit and Lending Club, to help you make your dentistry more affordable. These organizations give you interest-free financing options for extended periods of time.

One of the biggest benefits of visiting our office is that you’ll never be surprised by the cost of your treatment. During your consultation, we’ll show you the treatment you need and provide the cost. At our Novi MI dental office, we can offer you dentistry on a budget. You can start by giving us a call today at 248-697-2487.