A professional whitening treatment can blast away years of accumulated stains. However, those results aren’t permanent. So, before chewing on a celebratory chocolate bar or sipping your favorite red wine, consider this: without careful maintenance, your freshly-brightened teeth could revert to a duller shade pretty fast. The good news is maintaining your pearly whites post-whitening is achievable with conscientious care. We wanted to share ways you can keep your teeth white long after treatment is complete: 

  • Limit Staining Beverages

Drinks like coffee, tea, cola, and red wine are infamous for staining teeth. That is the last thing you want freshly after whitening! As much as possible, stick to clear liquids like water or milk. When you do indulge in teeth-tinting beverages, drink through a straw to minimize contact. Also, swish with water or chew gum after to help reduce staining. 

  • Leave Time Between Eating and Brushing

It sounds counterintuitive, but brushing your teeth immediately after consuming staining foods or drinks can encourage discoloration. That’s because the acids in certain foods or drinks can weaken your enamel, making teeth brushing more damaging. So, wait about 30 minutes to pass after eating before brushing. Just swish water around your mouth soon after meals to remove surface debris. 

  • Invest in an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes provide seriously stain-fighting cleaning power compared to manual brushes. The vibrations help shake loose clinging particles while dissolving surface stains. Plus, most have built-in timers. This can encourage you to stick to the recommended two-minute brushing time, leading to a more thorough cleaning routine. So, if possible, upgrade your oral care accessories right after your whitening appointment for best follow-through. 

  • Enjoy Foods That Naturally Clean Your Teeth

Some foods become natural toothbrushes. If you are in need of a snack, choose a crunchy fruit or vegetable like apples or carrots. They clean your teeth and help remove lingering plaque that can stain your teeth. Cheese is another excellent snack for your teeth. It increases your tooth enamel’s strength. It also encourages saliva production, which helps wash away food particles and bacteria from your mouth.

  • Stay on Top of Dental Checkups

Regular professional cleanings and exams ensure your smile stays bright and sparkling. We recommend you visit us every six months for your checkup. It’s also a great time to get regular post-whitening touch-ups if necessary. However, teeth lightening treatments last around six months up to a few years, though results vary person-to-person based on life habits. Discuss maintenance needs with our team during follow-up visits. They may recommend repeating periodic whitening for sustained luminance. 

Having a sparkling smile can give you a boost in confidence. That’s why so many people turn to teeth whitening. It’s one of the most affordable treatments available. Plus, by visiting the dentist for treatment, you get far better results than store-bought products. Best of all, by consciously minimizing staining risks and maximizing cleaning efficacy, you’ll keep your teeth white for longer.  If you need a teeth whitening treatment or want a touch-up in Novi, MI, call Dr. James C. Ross today at 248-697-2487 or request an appointment online