Happy New Year!

Your friends at Dr. James C. Ross are excited to help you make 2024 your best year yet with our modern dentistry services in Novi, MI!

In that spirit, we’re sharing a patient success story we hope will inspire you to improve your smile and dental health so you can look better and, more importantly, feel better in the year ahead.

We helped James get his gum disease under control a long time ago and have continued to help him maintain healthy gums ever since, seeing him more frequently for cleanings than the usual twice-a-year routine. 

But those past periodontal struggles did take a toll on his teeth, so we provided solutions for that, too. Check out his testimonial to hear James talk about his dental crowns and veneers and how they’ve improved not only his smile and health but also his oral function and daily comfort!

Giving your teeth and gums a fresh start is easier than you might think, and we hope this patient’s experience will inspire you to take the first step in making this a great year for your smile with our lasting solutions to your dental problems!

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