Think about all the ways that technology has changed our lives. Generally, this makes it easier to do things, whether that’s mowing the lawn or doing homework.

Technology also makes things that were impossible years ago into everyday occurrences. Try to imagine what our great-great-grandparents think of the smartphones that people bring with them everywhere nowadays.

Laser dentistry combines both of those good aspects of new technology. It makes our work easier, and it makes things possible that weren’t that long ago. A great example of this advanced dental care is the way we treat gum disease at our dentist office in Novi, MI.

With our Biolase Erbium laser, we have a better way to treat periodontal problems for our patients at the office of Dr. James Ross, Family, Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry.

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Zapping Gum Disease

Laser dentistry is the future of dental care, and we are already invested in this new technology. We are using lasers today to make our treatments more efficient and more effective for our patients.

This is evident in how we treat advanced periodontal disease.

By using the Biolase Erbium laser, we can safely and painlessly remove infected gum tissue from our patients’ mouths. Infected gum tissue can be swollen and tender, and gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States.

Our hope is that you will seek treatment as soon as you are able when you see the signs of gum disease. With our dental laser, how we provide that treatment is better than it’s ever been.

The laser allows us to “zap” or evaporate infected gum tissue, and that makes it easier remove plaque and tartar formations around the roots of your teeth.

Then, the laser can be used to sanitize and sterilize the tissue around your teeth. This helps to preserve more of your healthy tissue and allows your gums to heal quickly.

The Old Way Of Treating Gum Disease

Infected gum tissue is not a new problem, even if dental lasers are the new way of dealing with it.

Before dental lasers, patients often required oral surgery to remove infected gum tissue. That meant using a scalpel to cut into your gum tissue. And since a scalpel isn’t as precise as a dental laser, the dentist often removed healthy gum tissue as well to be certain that the infected tissue was removed.

To wrap up this kind of oral surgery, the dentist often needed sutures to close the gum tissues. This meant a longer healing process, and it meant you had to have those sutures removed later.

And since more gum tissue was removed, you may require a gum graft to restore the shape of your gumline.

A gum graft is essentially a gum tissue transplant. This too requires cutting into your gums, then placing the transplanted tissue under your remaining gum tissue. Again, this requires sutures to would keep the transplanted tissue in place until it grows together with your existing gums.

We think you will agree with us that it’s better to avoid cutting into your gums and to save as much of your healthy gum tissue as we can. Our Biolase Erbium laser allows us to do just that.

Do You Have Gum Disease?

According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control, nearly half of all Americans 30 and older have some form of periodontitis, which is considered an advanced form of gum disease. Among Americans 65 and older, 7 in 10 have advanced gum disease.

Your risk of developing gum problems increases with age, which makes it more important to learn the signs and symptoms.

In the earliest stages (gingivitis), your gums may bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. They also can appear redder than usual and swollen. Flossing more regularly (every day) or improving your flossing technique can help at this stage.

When gingivitis isn’t treated, it can lead to periodontitis. Your gums can begin to feel sore and tender. You may notice new symptoms such as a lingering bad taste in your mouth or bad breath.

With time, your gums can start to recede or pull away from your teeth, exposing your roots. In the final stages, your teeth can feel loose or fall out.

Don’t Take Chances With Gum Disease

Preventing gum disease is always the best approach, but if you do notice symptoms, please plan to visit Dr. James Ross, Family, Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry right away.

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