Tired of fighting the winter doldrums? Ready to get back outside with a fresh new smile for spring? Then you are in luck. There are actually two ways in which we can deliver a professional teeth whitening  treatment at our Novi, MI dental office. This will give your smile that much needed boost in appearance so that you will feel your best and look your best once the weather finally breaks. Keep reading to hear more about this great cosmetic dentistry solution, and then be sure to call us at 248-697-2487 to take the next step toward a brighter, whiter smile.

Transform Your Teeth Over Your Lunch Break

There are many misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry. We won’t go down that rabbit hole today. But let’s get one thing straight: it doesn’t have to take weeks and months to reverse the effects of staining on your teeth. In fact, with us on your side, you can whiten your teeth in approximately 60 minutes. Imagine leaving work for your lunch hour and waltzing back into the office with a sparkling set of pearly whites. Once you’ve imagined that possibility, it only takes a phone call to turn it into a reality.

If you wisely decide to request one of these fast-acting whitening sessions, we will be able to use a high-strength whitening gel and a special laser to lift the stains right off of your teeth. This special whitening gel acts quickly, and the laser moves in fast to take care of the stains. It sounds high-tech because, well, it kind of is the modern way to tackle an age-old problem.

This in-office whitening treatment is extremely cost-effective too. As such, this whitening works great for patients who do not have deep pockets or deep-set stains on their teeth.

Take Care Of Tough Stains

We realize that not everyone gets off easy when it comes to staining. Genetics plays a role as does your daily routine. How many cups of coffee went down the hatch last year alone?! Don’t bother to count. Just know that when you need to take care of a more severe case of discoloration, we’ll turn you on to the one-of-a-kind KöR teeth whitening system. This program provides the hardest-working whitening treatment you’ll ever encounter.

We often recommend KöR for our patients who are advanced in age and have a lifetime of deep-set stains to remove from their teeth. These deep stains are often resistant to many other forms of whitening, but they are easily wiped out by KöR. Consider this: we’ll be able to brighten your teeth up to 16 shades!

The best part is that you can make use of the KöR professional teeth whitening tools in the comfort of your own home, around your own schedule. We’ll tell you more about both teeth whitening options when you come in for your cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Call The Dental Professionals In Novi, Michigan

Now that you know how easy it is to completely refresh your dingy and discolored smile, all you have to do is call Dr. James C Ross in Novi, MI today at 248-697-2487 or contact us online to request an appointment.