Around here, we are committed to provding the sort of general dentistry services that will keep you smiling all through life. We’ll be the first to admit that teeth tend to steal the spotlight, but your gum health is extremely important for your continued well-being. That’s why, today, we wanted to discuss the problems associated with gum disease and why it minor health crisis for your entire body. Don’t worry, if you are already struggling with this issue, Dr. Ross can help. We have invested in the latest technology and we are using extremely high-tech procedures like lasers to get you a better-looking, healthier smile. Keep reading and then be sure to get in touch to request your next easy appointment at our Novi, MI dentist’s office. Call us anytime at 248-697-2487 to get started.

The Thing About Gum Disease

Gum disease creeps up on you without much warning other than a little bit of bleeding or the sudden appearance of swollen gums. People with gum disease can also experience profoundly bad breath, unusual pains in their gums and teeth, and even loose teeth. As it happens, gum disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss in adults and can spread throughout the entire mouth if it is not detected early enough.   

Sadly, that’s not the worst of it. Studies have found a correlation between gum disease and deeper medical issues like diabetes and even heart disease. 

Here’s the thing: gum disease gets harder to treat as more time passes. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease and can be quickly reversed. This is when you really benefit from having a dentist who is in tune with the situation in your mouth. 

The later stages of gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is not so curable. If you have periodontitis, we will recommend that you visit the dentist once every three to four months for deep cleanings. We use these visits to check the health of your gums or provide necessary treatments. 

How To Treat Gum Disease

Brace yourself: the standard way to treat gum disease is with a small surgery. The dentist or periodontist, a gum specialist, will use a scalpel to remove the infection and then stitch the gums to allow the gums and teeth to naturally re-attach. This process is invasive and can require a lengthy recovery. That’s why Dr. Ross has trained extensively to be able to provide you with an alternative treatment. These days, we’re using laser therapy to treat gum disease and soft tissue issues. The laser actually evaporates the infection in the gums and creates a healthy environment for gum and tooth reattachment. 

Call For A Gum Disease Consultation

We hope that this post has enlightened you regarding the far-reaching effects of gum disease. All you have to do now is call Dr. James C. Ross in Novi, MI at 248-697-2487 or contact us online to request your next easy appointment with us. Gone are the days of surgical gum disease treatment and anesthetics. You’ll be in perfect comfort while you are here!